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Undergraduate Acceleration Program (UAP) is a comprehensive regimen that prepares international students for undergraduate studies in the United States and serves as a conduit for entrance to the best colleges and universities.

UAP is a fully accredited and transferable 10-course, 30-credit transitional program that combines language and academic courses. All students enrolled in the UAP program will participate in intensive English language training and foundational academic coursework in their field of study.

UAP counselors utilize a national network of relationships with admissions offices to provide students with guidance and assistance in selecting, qualifying for, applying to and being admitted to their choice of top-rated colleges and universities.

The UAP program prepares students to meet the challenges of undergraduate studies at a major university and to successfully complete the rigorous language requirements for admission. It provides an excellent opportunity for students to demonstrate their academic ability to potential US universities.


* Academic writing and research methodologies

* Immersive language courses in reading, presentation, speaking and listening

* Exposure to demands and expectations of American higher education

* Foundation courses in specific fields of study

* Culturally-enriching and awareness-broadening activities


* Gateway to admission to the best colleges and universities

* Fully transferable credit courses

* Letters of recommendation from US faculty

* Small class size and personal attention

* Flexible course selection

International high school graduates increasingly choose to attend college at US schools.  Not all of then, however, have been academically prepared prior to enrollment. The UAP program serves as a transitional program for international students to help them adapt to Western education styles, sit for language exams, utilize English for academic research writing and become more familiar with US higher education through credit courses.

UAP counselors help each student select the best college or university for their goals and facilitate a seamless matriculation.

Students will benefit from fully transferable credit courses, letters of recommendation from US faculty and a better understanding of Western academic expectations.

UAP participants can expect successful transfer admission to top ranked American colleges and universities based on their overall GPA from university credit courses.

Students with a GPA of 3.7 or above can expect to be accepted by one of the Top 30 schools, as ranked by US News and World Report, such as:

School Location US News Ranking
Cornell University New York 16
Vanderbilt University Tennessee 17
University of Notre Dame Indiana 18
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill North Carolina 30

Students with a GPA of 3.4 or above can expect to be accepted by one of the Top 60 schools, as ranked by US News and World Report, such as:

School Location US News Ranking
College of William and Mary Virginia 32
University of California-Santa Barbara California 41
University of Miami Florida 47
University of Washington-Seattle Washington 52

Students with a GPA of 3.2 or above can expect to be accepted by one of the Top 90 schools, as ranked by US News and World Report, such as:

School Location US News Ranking
Syracuse University New York 61
Baylor University Texas 72
Michigan State University Michigan 75
University of Iowa Iowa 82

Partnering with GEI UAP

Colleges and universities benefit from accepting qualified international students who enrich the cultural diversity of student populations, broaden opportunities for international and intercultural exchange and extend the prestige of the school abroad.  International students remit higher ‘out-of-state’ tuition at most institutions.

Standardized test scores may not always fully reveal language skills of international students, nor predict their readiness for undergraduate study in the United States.

GEI’s UAP is an excellent transitional step to ensure international students are best equipped for success in an undergraduate academic environment.  The Commission on English Language Program Accreditation, recognized by the US Department of Education, accredits GEI.

Schools can be confident students completing the GEI UAP will be fully prepared to meet the demands and expectations of higher education.  Admissions officials can learn more about the abilities of each student and may individually select successful UAP students who best fit their programs. Personal recommendations from UAP instructors remove much of the uncertainty of enrolling international applicants. The year-long exposure through transitional preparation increases the retention rate of international students beyond their first semester or year away from home.

Why UAP?


Nowadays, more and more international high school graduates choose to attend college in US schools; however, not all of them have been academically prepared before their enrollment. The UAP program serves as a transition program for international students to help them adapt to the western education style, sit for the language test, and prepare for the major studies to enter an engineering or business school.

UAP also gives you a chance to decide your major interest. In the program, you will get a lot of exposure to both Engineering and Business classes, learn the core principals and essentials, and explore your potential for either field. The Engineering and Business classes are dedicated to exploring your gift in engineering or business studies, reviewing your academic performance, and discussing your major interests on a weekly basis. At the end of the program, you will be able to tell where your true passion lies in either field!