Fees for all Programs

Application Fee $250
I-20 Express Mail Domestic $85, International $200
I-20 Form Fee $250
Medical Insurance $1,300/semester
Housing Please contact GEI local rep for details
OPT Job Security Program
(No application will be accepted 30 days after graduation)
$12,000 (if applies 90 days before graduation)
$15,000 (if applies less than 90 days before graduation)
Add 50% emergency process fee if applies within 30 days from graduation
GEI students receive 50% discount (no discount to emergency process fee)


Academic English Program $9,300/semester
Family and Kids Program $19,800/academic year
Pre-Master Program (PMP) $19,800/semester
Undergraduate Acceleration Program (UAP) $19,800/academic year
  • Tuition does NOT include textbooks. Textbooks are $750 per semester (includes supplemental material).