Visiting Scholars Programs for International Lecturers of English

GEI, in partnership with prestigious US colleges and universities, invites international professors and lecturers of English to visit the US for a semester or year as a visiting scholar. Program participants will have the opportunity to pursue their personal research at one of the best institutions of higher learning in the US while refining and improving their teaching skills.

The program has two components:

Part I – Research Support

Part I affords the visiting scholars the opportunity to read, discuss, and critique current pedagogical research in their field.  The visiting scholars will also share their current research with their cohort colleagues and experienced researchers.  These interactions will provide valuable feedback for each visiting scholar and lay the groundwork for potential future collaborative research opportunities and initiatives.

Part II – Professional Development in Teaching English

Oral Communication and Teaching Methodologies

Many international students in the US struggle to be understood when speaking English due to the lack of proper training in standard American pronunciation. This program will help participants acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to teach pronunciation to international English learners. All aspects of pronunciation will be covered from individual sounds to intonation, rhythm, and stress. Participants will examine meaning change through intonation, use of reductions/deletions, proper stress on polysyllabic words, and sentential stress and rhythm.

Academic Writing and Teaching Methodologies

This program will help international lecturers refine their skills in academic writing through informal and formal writing practices. Effective writing begins at the sentence level. Various sentence-level writing strategies will be introduced which will enable participants to write clearly and concisely in formal, academic style. Helpful strategies for vocabulary building will also be examined, as words are the building blocks of good sentences.

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