GEI announced the launch of new PMP Master in Educational Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship

On June 10th, Global Education Institute (GEI) announced the new pre-master program in cooperation with the Master’s Degree inEducational Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship offered by School of Education, and School of Business, UNC-Chapel Hill. The 12-month degree program is set-up for early career professionals who want to transform education in leadership roles outside of traditional school-based career paths. Graduates will be prepared:

  • to identify opportunities and develop innovative ideas
  • to manage the innovation process
  • to ground their innovations in cutting-edge technology
  • to ground their innovations in the learning sciences research
  • to create value by founding and managing new entrepreneurial ventures
  • to manage the critical business elements of new ventures, including intellectual property, business plan development, marketing and new customer development, and technology innovation management

The target students of this program are early career professionals who wish to acquire the skills necessary to identify opportunities, develop new ideas, found new education ventures, and manage the innovation process, all in a way that is grounded in the best science of how people learn.

In terms of career opportunities, graduates will be prepared both to found new ventures, and to pursue careers in existing startups and large organizations. Graduates will be particularly attractive to technology-intensive business ventures.

The 12-month program will involve two full-time semesters in residence in Chapel Hill, as well as a required summer project and seminar.

Participants will be allowed to choose from offerings from three units within the University: The Schools of Education and Business, and the Department of Computer Science (and possibly SILS). Courses from other units may also be included with the consent of the adviser.

All students will register for a Core Sequence taught by the Morgan Professor in Educational Innovations, Professor Keith Sawyer. Professor Sawyer will also serve as the student adviser.

A critical element of the program is a required internship with a business venture in the education sector. Internship sites may include small startups as well as large organizations with a presence in educational innovation and technology. Many students may already have founded their own education ventures, or intend to found a venture while in the program, and this will satisfy the internship requirement.

Students who choose to develop their own ventures will have access to an incubator space. Possible locations include LaUNCh Chapel Hill, and the Campus Y CUBE, the social innovation incubator