Consultants from the Chinese Overseas Education Application Agencies Visit Chapel Hill

In April of 2014, GEI received a visiting group from the Chinese Overseas Education Application agencies. This group was comprised of 14 consultants from leading agencies; namely, New Oriental School, Chivast Education, Jiacheng Liuxue, Tiandao Education, Golden Sun Shine, and Nanjing Overseas Education Service Center. The goal for the consultants is to investigate local educational resources in North Carolina, and promote high quality educational resources to Chinese students.

The consultants received a warm welcome by G. Williamson Bill McDiarmid, Dean of School of Education, and Nick Cabot, the Admission Director of MA International Education Program, during their visit to UNC-Chapel Hill, as well as Justin G. Roy, Vice President for Communications and Social Media at William Peace University. During their visit to North Carolina State University, the consultants were received by Bailian Li, Vice Provost for International Affairs, who provided an introduction to international development strategies at North Carolina State University for the consultants. The consultants also visited the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. In their short stay, they not only experienced a live class environment, but they also had the opportunity to exchange ideas for university application with the schools’ counselors.

Undoubtedly, the visit of the consultant’s group to Chapel Hill will bring positive influence for GEI to promote the PMP and WPU programs to China. On top of this, the visit has laid a solid foundation for building the cultural exchange between the two countries.