GEI to Launch a American High School Program with Shanghai Jiaotong University Education Group

GEI is developing a High Shool Program in cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong Education Group. Representatives of those institutions have discussed the scope of cooperation during the meeting on  27 March 2018.

The new program will be launched at Shanghai Jiaotong University Nanyang Senior High School, but the recruitment will also be open to students from neighbouring provinces. The joint program is designed to prepare Chinese students for education at American universities by helping them develop core academic skills needed for postsecondary studies in the US. Program graduates will have a wider range of competencies as they will study courses from both Chinese and American curriculum. They will also become familiar with American education and will be able to successfully operate in a university setting.

After studying in Shanghai for the first two years, students will spend the last year at GEI School in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Upon completion of their courses, students will obtain the General Education Development (GED) credential – a qualification alternative to the American high school diploma. After successfully completing GED and passing exams in five subjects: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, students will receive a Certificate of High School Equivalency. This will enable them to enrol directly into local universities. Students who graduate from the program will also be given an opportunity to take part in GEI pathway programs which can help them with admission to one of the top American universities.

As of today, GEI and Shanghai Jiaotong Education Group have finalised their cooperation agreement. Apart from the joint program, the agreement lays the foundation for further cooperation in the fields of student and teacher trainings, language courses and short-term study programs in the US.

Shanghai Jiaotong Education Group was created by the leading Chinese university – Shanghai Jiao Tong University, in August 1999 to take full advantage of its local and international educational resources. The group is committed to the promotion and implementation of programs which facilitate cultural exchange and educational cooperation throughout the world. It offers international preparatory high schools and university courses in China, supports local schools with implementation of international curricula, offers management and language trainings to teaching and administrative staff and provides investment for promising educational projects.

The group is composed of leading Chinese educational and research institutions, and connects professionals from various fields. The registered capital of the group is 150 million yuan RMB with the total assets of RMB 330 million yuan.

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