UNC Pharm.D. program prerequisite courses

The pre-requisite courses below are required for admission to the UNC Pharm.D program. Applicants are strongly encouraged to complete the pre-requisite courses before their application to the PDP program. If not, application to PDP will still be accepted, and student will be considered for the assured admission, but students will still need to complete the prerequisite course to be-considered for unconditional admission by UNC Pharm.D program.

  • General Chemistry I with lab
  • General Chemistry II with lab
  • Organic Chemistry I with lab
  • Organic Chemistry II with lab
  • Principles of Biology with lab
  • Human Anat/Physiology with lab
  • Microbiology with lab
  • General Physics I with lab
  • General Physics II with lab
  • Calculus of One Variable
  • Statistics
  • Biological Chemistry
  • Upper Level Biochemistry Course
  • Demonstration of prior experience in undergraduate or professional research or in other forms of scientific inquiry or innovation will be preferred