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The UG Plus program is designed for students who seek to obtain a U.S. high school diploma. This program involves two years of high school study in the student’s home country, one year at one of GEI’s North Carolina campuses, and one year of university coursework. During the first year, students will earn an American high school diploma after completing GEI’s English training and high school diploma equivalency courses and passing the GED exam.

After students successfully complete the UG  Plus program, they will focus on improving academic writing and presentation skills in addition to taking university courses during the second year. Students will take up to 10 credit courses (30 credit hours that are fully transferable to other colleges or universities) at their choice of college or university and have the opportunity to earn letters of recommendation from their U.S. professors.


Program Summary

Program length Two Academic Years
University Credits Up to 45 credit hours
Campus Location Raleigh or Chapel Hill
Curriculum AEP Core+ GED coursework+ university credit courses

UG Plus Advantages

Study Abroad Experience:

  • Students can come to U.S. for English training after finishing their second year of high school.

TOEFL Waiver

  • Students completing GEI study may receive TOEFL waivers during U.S. University application process.
  • Students completing 30 credits in GEI may waive TOEFL and be eligible to transfer to most top 100 U.S. universities.

Bridge Culture Gap:

  • GEI organizes fun and exciting cultural activities and outings to help students immerse themselves in U.S. culture.

Higher Admission Rate:

  • Credit courses, cultural activities, and recommendation letters from U.S. Professors contribute to higher admission rates.

Credit Course Tutors, Coaches & Mentors:

  • Help students minimize academic pressure, overcome academic challenges, and improve performance.

Recommendation Letters from U.S. Professors

  • Recommendation letters from U.S. professors are critical to students’ candidacy as admissions officers are able to learn about students’ inner qualities, like character and personality through these letters.

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High School Diploma Equivalent (GED)

GEI offers international students the opportunity to earn an American High School Equivalency Diploma (commonly known as General Education Development diploma, or GED), a certificate equivalent to U.S. high school  diploma. More than 20 million students globally have earned GED diplomas.

GEI’s GED program creates new opportunities for education and employment.

  • Earning a GED demonstrates ability to write and understand English at the 12th grade level.
  • Employers in the U.S. and most countries accept the GED as equal to their country’s high school diploma.
  • U.S. colleges and employers accept the GED credential in place of a high school diploma.


The GED test covers four subjects and assesses skills in key academic areas.

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies


GEI’s intensive GED program includes sample tests, diagnostics to identify areas in need of improvement, skill-building, test taking strategies, and personalized assistance by highly qualified coaches.


To complete the GED program, participants must:

  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Take and pass GEI pre-assessment to demonstrate at least intermediate skills in English and show reading abilities to ensure readiness for GEI’s GED preparation courses
  • Provide transcript from home country establishing completion of coursework in GED subjects
  • Participate actively in GEI’s intensive GED training program, which has components offered in their home country and at one of GEI’s learning centers in the U.S.
  • Take and pass each of the four modules of the GED examination

Additional Program Information

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Application Requirements

High School Transcript
Pass GEI Placement Exam
Personal Statement
One Recommendation letter from teacher

Admission Requirements

Admission Language Requirement TOEFL 70

IELTS 5.5+

GEI Placement Test Requirement AEP Level 3+
GPA Requirement 3.0 (82%)

Admission Deadline





Fall 1

Fall 2

Admission Deadline






Start Date

Jan. 9

Mar. 20

May 22

Aug. 14

Oct. 16

Apply Now

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Schedule for GEI courses

Term Duration


Monday thru Friday

 Each term lasts 9 weeks

University course schedule will vary.

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$59,800/academic year  (includes up to 10 university credit courses)
Housing $8,000-12,000/yr
Insurance $2,200/yr

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