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ELI offers exam preparation courses to help students excel on TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT and other exams necessary to demonstrate academic English language proficiency for the workplace, for immigration, or to secure entrance to the best university undergraduate or graduate programs. Only students who participate in AEP Core can participate in this program.

Program Summary

Program length Varies
Campus Location Chapel Hill or Raleigh
Curriculum AEP Core+ Exam Prep Workshop

The ELI TOEFL preparation workshop will optimize student performance on TOEFL  by preparing them to become familiar with the test format and grading criteria. Students will:

  • Be able to answer spoken questions in a thematically organized manner
  • Learn to complete reading tasks by analyzing the topic, structure, and purpose of passages
  • Be prepared to write well-developed essays with clear structure
  • Receive individualized assistance from instructors for each area of need based on  practice performance

The ELI IELTS preparation workshop will help students take the IELTS test with confidence. The workshop consists of interactive study and practice covering four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This preparation workshop has been carefully designed by experienced English instructors with extensive experience empowering students to reach their academic IELTS goals. Each section of this workshop includes engaging multimedia presentations, reviewing key test-taking skills, strategies, and techniques. These are accompanied by a wide variety of authentic IELTS exercises and interactive activities to provide focused practice of the skills and strategies needed to excel on the exam.

ELI’s GRE preparation workshop perfectly simulates the test’s adaptive format. This approach seamlessly adjusts classwork and homework to each student’s individual skill level and targets areas in most need of improvement. The workshop features realistically designed practice tests and one-on-one feedback from instructors to best prepare participants for the exam.

ELI’s GMAT preparation workshop covers all the specific knowledge needed to ace the exam while familiarizing participants with the test format and providing specific test-taking strategies. ELI enlists expert instructors who provide dynamic, interactive coaching.  Participants receive individualized attention, take authentic diagnostic tests, and are given assignments focused on their personal greatest areas of need.

Exam Prep Workshops Advantages

ELI’s exam preparation workshops:

  • Familiarize students with test formats
  • Equip students with test taking strategies
  • Include skill building exercises to improve academic reading, writing, listening, speaking and integrated skills
  • Monitor student progress and offer mock exams in realistic environments

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Students interested in Exam Prep Workshops must be enrolled in the AEP Core and must meet all admission requirements for that program.

In addition, students must:

  • pass GEI’s Placement Exam
  • participate in GEI’s interview

Admission Deadline


2018 Winter

Spring 2019  Summer 2019 Fall 1 2019  Fall 2 2019
Admission Deadline Rolling Rolling Rolling Rolling Rolling
Start Date Jan. 9 Mar. 20 May 22 Aug. 14 Oct. 16

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6 hours per week

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$1590 per workshop

Each term lasts 9 weeks

Students can choose preparation workshop for their intended exams

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