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GEI’s English Learning Institute (ELI)’s Academic English Program (AEP) core course is a full-time, CEA accredited academic program for international students offered year-round. This program is designed for intermediate to advanced English language learners seeking to improve their English proficiency in all skill areas. All AEP classes are held on one of the two GEI campuses.

AEP core is:

  • A trusted provider of direct entry pathways to higher education; completion of AEP is accepted by many partner universities as proof of English proficiency for admission.
  • A leading partner with universities in developing pathways, bridge programs, and specialized curricula for international students.

AEP teaches English language and university study skills to students from many countries around the world. The format of the lessons includes discussion-based cooperative learning methods that inspire students to take an active role in the interactive learning process.

  • Maximum class size is 15.
  • Four courses are offered during each term: reading and vocabulary, writing, listening, speaking and presentation.
  • May apply for conditional admission to university partners while studying at ELI.
  • 5 proficiency levels are offered to meet each learner’s abilities.


Program Summary

Program length 1-2 years
Campus Location Chapel Hill
Curriculum AEP Core

AEP Core Advantages

  • Students will improve readiness in U.S higher education curriculum study in professional listening, presentation, academic reading, vocabulary, research paper writing, and grammar.
  • AEP Core teaches students to communicate fluently and effectively in academic settings while improving their study skills.
  • Students who reach a certain level in the AEP Core can be admitted to partner universities without TOEFL score.

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  • Students  should plan to attend a university in the United States.
  • Students must be 17 years of age.
  • Students should  provide an official transcript.
  • Students should be culturally open-minded and willing to attend various cultural activities to adjust themselves in a new culture.
  • Students should provide their certificates of financial responsibility.
  • Students are required to participate in a placement assessment within the first week of the term.

Admission Deadline





Fall 1

Fall 2
Admission Deadline Rolling Rolling Rolling Rolling Rolling
Start Date Jan. 9 Mar. 20 May 22 Aug. 14 Oct. 14

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Schedule Term Duration


Monday thru Friday

 Each term lasts 9 weeks

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Student Name: Domizia

Country: Italy

I really appreciated the opportunity to attend ELI’s program. Attending this program helps me improve my English ability. I have found my class very helpful because my instructor really helped me expand my vocabulary and my English speaking is also getting better.

Student Name: Grace

Country: China

ELI’s teachers are very professional and experienced, and staff are very nice and patient. I like the infrastructure ELI provides for us, and I can also enjoy the beautiful environment outside of the building, which helps me to relax and review the knowledge I have learned from class. Learning facilities, textbooks, and online learning materials are of great help for me, and I benefit a lot from them.

Student Name: Yunghye

Country: South Korea

I met great teachers at ELI. The classes are well-organized and I feel very productive every day. Through classes and assignments, I know I have been improving my English ability, and the most important thing is that ELI makes me feel confident! Additionally, I never found a school with such nice environment and cutting-edge educational technologies. I have access to all the learning resources via online system.

Student Name: Sheyshu

Country: China

Teachers and staff in ELI are very kind to us. The Academic English Program helps me with my English improvement a lot. Teachers all have very effective ways to teach us, and they make sure each of us is making progress no matter what starting level we were from.

Student Name: Lan

Country: China

I like ELI a lot because it has qualified teachers and nice staff. They guide us to learn English in the right way, so every student can easily see the improvement after accomplishing specific tasks for each part of English learning. I think ESL students who want to learn English language and American Culture should come to ELI, because this is the best and right place for you!

Student Name: Jenny

Country: China

I love ELI because teachers are so patient with me when I can’t understand everything during class. Even though my English learning started from a low level, I have gained numerous improvement since I studied at ELI. Not only my ability of English language has improved, I also learned a lot about American culture from ELI’s various cultural activities.

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