Fees for all Programs

Application Fee $250
I-20 Express Mail Domestic $85, International $150
I-20 Form Fee $250
Medical Insurance $2,200/year
Housing *See note below

*Note: Housing options include the following:

  • Apartment: Private bathroom and private bedroom: $1100/month
  • Homestay: Includes Breakfast and Dinner: $1400/month



AEP Core $3900/term
AEP Intensive  $1080/course/term
Exam Prep Workshops  $1590 per workshop
Family Study Program $15600/year
Pre-Master’s Program $27,767/semester
Undergraduate Acceleration Program (UAP)  $18,300/term
University Gateway (UG)  $28,600/term
University Gateway Plus (UG+)  $59,800/year (including 30 university credit courses)
  • Each term lasts 9 weeks
  • One university semester is equal to 2 GEI terms
  • Tuition does NOT include textbooks. Textbooks are $250 per term or semester (includes supplemental material).