High School Students without a Diploma 

–  University Gateway (UG): 2 years of high school study in the student’s home country + 1 year at GEI’s North Carolina campus. At the end of the program, students receive a U.S. High School Diploma.

–  University Gateway Plus (UG Plus): 1 year at GEI’s North Carolina campus + 1 year of U.S. university credit courses (approximately 10 courses). At the end of the first year at GEI, students receive a U.S. high school diploma.

High School graduates wanting to enter a U.S. university without a TOEFL score

–  AEP Core: An accredited full-time, year-round program offered by GEI’s English Learning Institute designed for intermediate to advanced-level English language learners.

–  AEP Intensive: An optional program offered to AEP Core students to help maximize their progress with specialized courses, such as accent reduction, presentation skills, critical thinking, and business negotiation.

High School graduates wanting to enter a top U.S. university

University Pathway Program (UPP): Students participate in Intensive English language training (AEP Core) while taking up to 10 courses from partner universities during this transitional period.

Students with College Degree

– Pre-Master’s Program (PMP): Pre-Master’s Program (PMP) prepares international students interested in enrolling in master’s programs at colleges and universities in the United States through rigorous coursework.


– TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages): Designed to train instructors who will teach English to students in non-English-speaking countries.

– Professional Development: Designed to strengthen participants’ professional profiles and help enhance global perspectives.

Additional Programs

– Family Study Program: Parents participate in English immersion program (AEP Core) offered at GEI, and their children study at any U.S. public schools for free and earn U.S. diploma.